Tribal Culture Class


 Culture classes are held every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. in the Tuscarora Nation Hall.  The classes are for all ages. Frequently drinks, snacks, or meals will be served.

The classes is for cultural retention and restoration. The purpose are to strengthen the knowledge we have, regain knowledge that is dying, and reclaim what has been lost. In the classes our traditional language is taught, all with tribal songs, healing, dances, native arts and crafts, drumming, and traditional foods are given to encourage healthy eating to improve the quality of lives.

The culture class is a great place to be on Tuesday evenings. Food and refreshments are given.All youth will be supervised and minors must have transportation after the class is over.

Please contact the Tuscarora Tribal Office at 910-240-4896 if you should have questions or if you need directions. All ages are welcome.