Tuscarora Tribal News: Tuscarora Hearing April 19, 2019

NC Commission of Indian Affairs Hearing

On April 30, 2019, the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs will be having a hearing regarding the Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina tribal rights. The hearing will be starting at 9 am through 3 pm. After 41 years, the Tuscarora Nation is finally allowed to provide oral and written testimony for the State Hearing; however, in 1867, the US War Department had federal investigations on the Lowry Family in Robeson County and they indicated they were Tuscaroras. 

In 1934, the NC Tuscarora were federally acknowledged by the BIA pursuant to the Indian Reorganization Act enacted by Congress. In 1975, the North Carolina Tuscarora were finally given federal services with BIA Houses and lands taken into the US Department of Interior by abstract title deed. Additional services included the Indian Health Service, Indian Loans, Housing, and Scholarships.

In 1978, the Executive Director, Mr. A. Bruce Jones, of the NC Commission of Indian Affairs acknowledged the Tuscarora as being one of the State Recognized Tribes in a letter to the BIA Federal Indian Affairs Office, Office of Federal Acknowledgement  in Washington, DC. Since that time the Tuscarora always maintained their tribal status but the NC Department of Administration unfairly withheld tribal services for biased reasons of their own which violates the Tuscarora's equal rights and protection under the law, and US Constitutional Rights for due process.

    Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina

Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina

Petition Congress: Tuscarora Tribal Confederacy

Benefit Plate Sale for a Lung Transplant: Ms. Patty Locklear

On January 11, 2019, the Tuscarora Nation will be holding a Benefit Plate Sale for Ms. Patty Locklear, Tribal Citizen, Beaver Clan. All Proceeds will go toward the Lung Transplant for Patty Locklear at Duke Hospital. Please help support us at this time of need. Enjoy a meals and save life! And remember, please come to the the Tuscarora Cookhouse at 10:am until.....

The Menu will consist of the following:

All Plates will come with two sides starting at $11.00 through $8.00.

All Sandwiches will start at $4.00 up to $7.00 each.

Combination Plates: $10.00 through $13.00.

Two Sides: Green Beans, Cole Slaw, and Candid Yams.

The location of the Benefit Plate Sale will be at the Tuscarora Cookhouse on the Tuscarora Tribal Government Fairgrounds at 288 Tuscarora Nation Road, Maxton, North Carolina 28364.

Please feel free to contact Jennifer for more details at the Tribal Office 910-844-3352.


Event: Benefit Singing for Patty Locklear - January 26, 2019

On January 26, 2019, at 6:30pm it will be a Benefit Singing for Patty Locklear. Patty Locklear is a enrolled Tuscarora Citizen of the Beaver Clan. The Benefit Singing will be located at the Maxton First AOG located at 1033 Old Red Springs Road, Maxton, North Carolina 28364. 

The singers of the event Benefit Singing will be Lucinda Callahan, The Nortons, The Oxendine Family, Sounds of Praise, and the Youth in Christ. We invite everyone to Come Worship.

Don't miss this great day. See you soon!


Please contact the Tuscarora Nation Tribal Clerk. O-neh